Website Solutions for the best Graphical Games

Want to enjoy your 240Hz screen, play Red Dead Redemption 2 without a 2080 Ti, or make your aging graphics card last a little longer? Before taking it to take a deserved retirement, know that it is possible to scrape precious images per second with a few settings in the options of your GPU or your game. By rationalizing as much as possible the workload required of your machine, it is possible to achieve a certain goal of fluidity without sacrificing appearance too much. Don’t expect a scoop or a miracle either, but a little reminder never hurts.

The basis: resolution, drivers and optimization

Be up to date: “As long as it works, no need to update”. On a recent game, however, it would be a shame to neglect the latest optimizations. This is all the more important since modern drivers are supplied with software that will offer settings adapted to your graphics card. You can also opt for default settings for your graphics card in NVIDIA or AMD settings. The use of website is important there.

Optimize its resources: unlike a console, a PC is by nature multitasking. Consider taking a tour of the task manager. Close all unnecessary programs during your session: an extra launcher, the office suite that launches at startup, even the antivirus if you stay offline and remember to reactivate it. On a laptop, also consider putting it in high performance mode and pushing the ventilation.

Lower the resolution: it’s ugly, but it’s still the most effective. You may have a nasty blur effect depending on the quality of your screen. If possible, halve it: go from 1440p to 720p or from 4K (2160p) to full HD (1080p). Some games allow you to manage the resolution dynamically. We will come back to that.

Overclock your graphics card: It is possible to give your graphics card a boost by overclocking (also called overclocking). This is to step by step increase the clock frequency of the heart and the memory of the graphics card. The most frequently used tool is MSI Afterburner. Recent cards are fitted with security to prevent damage to the equipment. The challenge is to find the balance between performance and system stability. Also pay attention to the heating.

In detail: basic graphics options

If switching your game to “low” is not enough, or if on the contrary, you are ready to make sacrifices to have a game a little prettier. Here are the main options in a nutshell.

Antialiasing or antialiasing: It reduces the effects of stairs and the artifacts visible on a 3D scene. It gives the impression that the whole is more fluid. There are nearly ten different technologies. FXAA generally offers the lowest impact on performance. You can find a full article on anti-aliasing by following this link.