Truest Solutions for the Perfect gaming Processes

After the mines there will be a gas station, and after it a flap to the right, then we will overcome a small run, we go in a circle, and we see a passage in the mountains, followed by a secret tunnel. If you drive it and not get lost, then you will soon leave on the road to Almaznoye, bypassing the whole mafia, etc. Fir valorant boosting this is one very important matter.

The Choices You Would Have

In Diamond without normal headlights it is better not to rub. Until you reach him you’ll smash the whole car. Before you go it’s better to check if you have a trailer, and if you arrive and it turns out that you don’t have a trailer it will be very annoying. After all, it takes so long to get there, and when you arrive, there’s not even a gas station. In short, there is no sense to go there. If you only bring cargo there, big grandmas pay 40-50 pieces. And if you’re going on reconnaissance it’s better to take the “Storm” a cool car. When the mafia asks to slow down, it’s better not to slow down, because such grandmas will be taken from you and when you roll back, it’s better to wag your back so that you can’t get in. Do not run into the police either, it is better to buy radar, 800 bucks a fine.

The Simple ways:

There is a secret road to Almazny between the South and the next city to the right of the South (we don’t remember the name). More precisely, it  is between the gas station and the repair. Only have to go through the mine.

  • We do not advise you to go to the village of Almazny, especially without a load, and there is nothing to do with a load there. And if your car is worse than Scania, then it’s generally better not to drive. The road there is bad, there are a lot of turns, then you need to saw uphill, and as you drive into this mountain, there a black shark flies. If you go around idle, it leads to defeat. And as you leave the mountains, the desert begins, you can’t see the road, I advise you to skip ahead of the enemy (if you’re traveling with cargo) and follow him, and then overtake at the base. Not so much money is given, and while you are traveling, you will spend a lot.

If you decide to ride a tractor and carry trailers, it is best to take a truck with three axles. Two-axle tractors this is complete, they accelerate slowly, do not fit into turns, and if they fit, then they certainly bring them. Of the three-axis, it is best to take it. Rides, of course, slowly, but keeps on turns. All other tractors drive fast, but turns.