The Right Home Improvements Before Selling the House

Are you selling
your house? Or do you just want to give it a good refreshment? Home Staging,
very popular today, is the best solution to give a second youth to your home,
all at a lower cost. How to do home staging for cheap? How to do home staging
quickly? Discover our 8 ideas to update your home easily and efficiently.

  • From storage to decoration
    through DIY, home staging is essential to renovate your interior without
    spending too much and without breaking everything.
  • A little motivation and
    inspiration will be the keys to beautify your home.

Definition of home staging: fast and inexpensive

Home staging is an economical operation and much faster than undertaking heavy renovation work, in fact the price of a home renovation is substantial. This is to minimize expenses to revamp your apartment or your house and facilitate the sale. In home staging, we do not demolish the walls and we do not build new partitions. It is only a question of carrying out small renovations or even simply a makeover of the parts. In the Home improvement blog you can find the best choices.

They give the
impression of enlarging the volumes. To unify the decor, also favor light tones
in the choice of furniture. Then warm the atmosphere with cozy materials: wool
cushions, thick rugs, etc.

Play with perspectives

To play with the
perspectives and let the light circulate, do not mount the partitions to the
ceiling, use small cleats for the plinths, prefer full height doors or a hanging
bookcase, etc.

Brightness: essential to enlarge the space

Even painted in
light and happy tones such as yellows, windows and door frames will attract
less light than if they are painted white.

Smart storage for a larger space

As soon as
possible, integrate the storage in the structure of the room, prefer a dressing
room along the wall rather than a Norman wardrobe.

Between the ceiling and the wall, create a white drop

If you do not
have a good height under the ceiling, cheat by creating a white drop from the
ceiling to the wall about 30 cm, that is to say 10 cm more than a traditional
cornice. The impression of height is then very clear.

Sliding doors: an asset to save space

Prefer sliding
doors, they allow partitioning without being constrained by the space required
to open a door.

The volume of a
room too loaded with furniture and trinkets is not enhanced. If your 30 m²
living room consists of two sofas, an armchair, a chest of drawers, a bookcase,
a table for 8 people and its chairs, a large buffet, etc. then it is high time
to free up the space and get rid of the most imposing furniture.

Perhaps this is an opportunity to sort through a few
things that are no longer useful to you?

Same fight for
the trinkets, accumulating too much brings a feeling of oppression. In
addition, in the event of resale, potential buyers may not appreciate the
advantages of your home since they will be more focused on your business.