The Plumbing Maintenance Now for You Now

This maintenance refers to the inspection and monitoring actions of the elements of the networks to try to prevent their failure from occurring. Preventive maintenance is scheduled. The time that the element is not in use is dedicated exclusively to the operation itself. For this reason, the preventive maintenance time is always less than the corrective maintenance time. The plumber pasadena is the right option there.

Corrective maintenance

This is a repair maintenance that is carried out after a failure or break in the system, it is not previously programmed and is required by a certain fault (for example, appearance of a water leak).

Corrective maintenance includes five time periods (in which the failure element is not operational):

  • Time elapsed from when the fault occurs until it is detected, or response time.
  • Time needed to have who will carry out the repair (availability of technical personnel in charge of the repair).
  • Time that elapses until the necessary spare parts are available to repair the fault.
  • Time required correcting the fault.
  • Time required restarting the network (cleaning, disinfection).


Some of the main reasons for the causes of leaks in water distribution systems are: an incorrect choice of network materials, poor installation and seating of the pipes, corrosion, deficiencies in valves, overpressures, external actions. These possible sources of leaks must be taken into account in the operational management of the network, and in its preventive maintenance, in order to prolong its useful life without failures.

In this section, the tasks aimed at repairing small leaks or breakdowns that appear during its useful life are indicated in a general way. In all cases, rapid action will always be necessary: ‚Äč‚Äčidentification of the fault, choice of the repair procedure and its execution.

The type of repair to be carried out on the pipe will depend on the damage that has been produced on it, and will also depend on the material and type of pipe.

In general, the selection criteria in a repair are:

  • Type of break (net, pit, crack, blowout)
  • Pipe material
  • Tube outer diameter
  • Repair element (clamp, sleeve, self-locking sleeve, ferrule).

Repair without pipe cutting

For small breaks or holes that do not require tubing replacement, quick and durable repairs can be made using repair clamps, split sleeves, or flexible couplings. The repair clamps are provided with an internal gasket that guarantees total tightness when tightening the screws. The exterior is generally made of stainless steel or cast iron with protective paint to avoid corrosion problems.