The Letters and Santa Clause in the Christmas

Writing a letter to Santa Claus is a very common Christmas tradition, especially for boys and girls around the world. But for the letter to be well received and valid, it must be properly written. On this page you will see some tips and recommendations on how it should be written, and some examples of letters that Santa Claus values ​​as positive and that you can modify or adapt to your needs.


1 – Make a list:

On a dirty paper or on a different sheet than the letters from santa, you can make a list with all requests to Santa Claus. Write everything you want to have, but not only material objects, you can also ask for good things for your family and friends.

2 – Play Christmas carols:

As you write your letter, it’s a good idea to get inspired by listening to Christmas music. You can search for Christmas music on the Internet, or ask your parents to play a carol at full volume. Inspiration will be easier for you this way.

3 – Choose a nice paper:

Once you have the ideas of what you are going to write, and you know what you want to ask Santa Claus, you can take a piece of paper that is special, that is beautiful, blank and start writing. If you don’t have any cool paper, you can decorate a blank sheet using markers or paints.

4 – Choose the color of the card:

You can write the letter in one color, or insert the words with different colors. A very good idea is to write each word in one color. Surely it will take you a long time to write it, but the result will be very beautiful and spectacular.

5 – Address:

You must start the letter by writing your identifying information, the postal address where you live so that Santa Claus can come to your house to leave you the gifts. Ask your parents if you don’t know the street, the number or the zip code.

6 – Introduction:

You must write the first introductory sentence:

Dear Santa Claus:

Who are you?  : The first paragraph of the letter should be to tell Santa Claus who you are. You must therefore write your full name with surnames, age and school year.

7 – The good things you have done:

Write down the good things you have done this year, both at home and at school. If you’ve cleaned your room, or got good grades.

8 – Appreciation:

You probably have to work all night to bring gifts home, so it’s a good idea to say thank you for the work you will do.

Thank you Santa for being so kind and generous to me.