The Choices for the Perfect Betting Now

bettors always recommend placing single bets in order to generate a steady
long-term win. Such an approach will not generate a fabulous win overnight, but
it will increase your chances of winning steady amounts over a longer period of
time. But to play like this and feel the gain requires a substantial budget. But
many bettors do not have such a budget and then have to think of ways to
generate a big win from a small amount. It is true, however, that the risks are
also higher.

Easy Money – a strategy worth trying

This means
placing safe 먹튀사이트안전놀이터 bets in
the all-in system, even if the odds are low. We will increase our budget quite
quickly if we manage to win a series of such bets but a lost bet is enough to
make us lose all our money.


Suppose we have
an amount of 100 $. For two weeks (14 days) we search daily for the safest odds
of 1.20 on that day. If we manage to win this series of 14 consecutive bets on
the odds of 1.20 each, we reach in just two weeks an amount of 1,284 $. But, on
the other hand, we will lose all our money if we lose a bet.

Issues to consider

Even if we
choose the best bet of a day, there are still risks, as no bet is safe. There
were also bets lost odds of 1.01. But by carefully analyzing each match and
choosing a small number of bets daily, we will increase our chances to avoid
potential surprises. On top of that, no one forces you to play 14 bets all in a
row. In fact, we really don’t recommend playing like this. But here’s an
example so you can see how much you can win if you catch a good number of bets.

Last Words

It is safer to
bet a series of four bets of odds of 1.20, until you reach the amount of 200 $.
Then set 100 aside and start over. That way, even if you lose a bet later,
you’ll still have money to start over. You can also play odds lower than 1.20.
It is true that it will be problematic if you lose one of the first bets before
you can make a profit to put aside. Ideally, you should have a bank that you can
split into at least two mini-banks. Thus, in case you lose a bet at the
beginning, you will have money to start over and try to recover the losses. For
more information on this strategy, go to the link in Chapter 2.