Perfect Colors for the Perfect House

Paint colors are
often considered the simplest choice in decoration and interior design while
this decision is one of the most important steps in the decoration.

Color is a
reflection of your personality. To get a color that sticks to your skin, you
need to know what you like, but most of all, which palette is best for you. You
must then know how to integrate it into your decor according to the light,
architectural elements, coatings, etc. Now with painters and
decorators london
you can find the best choices.

To begin

Gather images of
decors where the paint color appeals to you. But don’t limit yourself to
decoration! Choose images of all kinds (fashion, art, posters, etc.) that
inspire you. Wallpapers and fabrics can also be a good starting point for a
decorative primer.

If you hire a
designer, this step will allow him to quickly understand your tastes and
decorative aspirations.

Develop a palette

It is from these
inspirations that we can begin to develop a palette of paint colors for our
home. If you are starting from scratch, you can take any direction, but if you
are like most of my clients, and already have colorful furniture and
upholstery, you will have to take this into account.

  • The coloring of this dining
    room was made from the fabrics on the chairs, and the eggplant countertops in
    the kitchen. On an immaculate white background, we added an apple green on a
    small area, which we arranged with colored curtain sections. In the living
    room, which is right next door, we used touches of eggplant on the walls to
    make a connection with the fabric of the chairs and the colors that we find in
    the kitchen. Note: a very dark paint color coexists wonderfully with very light
  • As the elements in place
    (fixtures and coverings) of this basement bathroom were very neutral, we could
    go almost anywhere for the colors. This fashion photo inspired us for coloring.
    We wanted to bring optimism to this bathroom, which at first seemed very
    ordinary. The colors have been toned down to avoid the overly striking effect
    of the paint color. In decoration, if we use saturated (vibrant) or dark
    colors, we must do so with restraint. We chose the darker blue, and we washed
    the green to avoid the two colors fighting against each other.

A work of art
can very well be the basis of a palette of paint colors for his house. The
coloring of this dining room is perfectly homogeneous. We carefully chose
different versions of blue and turquoise in the fabrics, objects, and color on
the walls.