Most Essential Choices for Online Marketing

One direct way is
to use the Google Search Console tool, although for this you need to be a
website administrator.  Once you have
verified that your site is indexed by Google, you can make the optimizations On
Page. Among the optimizations you can make to the content on your website we
recommend. In  the best directions are available now.

Optimize titles and descriptions of your website and
its pages

Your website is made up of several components: Meta titles and meta descriptions, which help search engines
understand what the theme of the web is. The Meta title is the text that
appears on the browser tab when you hover over it.

For example, on
both the main site and the blog site, titles include the word dropshipping
because that is what we are very good at the general recommendation is to keep
it below 70 characters, but it is not mandatory.

Another component
of your website that you can optimize on page is the Meta description of the
site. That is, the HTML tag that provides a clear and concise summary of what
your website is about.

  • The meta description helps
    search engines to identify the theme of the page.

  • In addition, several search
    engines display the Meta description on the results page. Therefore, an
    accurate and attractive description will help increase your positioning and the
    number of visitors to your website.

  • To optimize both the meta title
    and meta description, you need to be aware of the main keyword by which people
    will recognize your site.

For example, if
you have a pet clothing store, that may be your main keyword. And your domain’s
main meta title should include that keyword, for example: “ [Your site name]:
high-quality pet clothing . The same goes for the meta description. In the same
case of the pet clothing store, the meta description could be: ” [Your
Brand] sells high-quality pet clothing that any little animal will love for the
softness of its materials and the comfort of its designs.”

Make sure you have a Site Map and Robots.txt file

Other components
of SEO On Page that will help improve the overall score and DA of your site are
site maps. Also known as Sitemap , they help search engines to index and
categorize the content of your website. A good sitemap lists all the pages that
make up the site and helps search engine spider robots to review it more
intelligently. Having a Robots.txt file helps to have a better score. This file
is usually the entry point for search engine algorithms (known as crawlers). To
ensure you meet these requirements, you must have knowledge of web development
or hire a developer.