Medical Shoe Covers for The Smart Choices

The choice of medical shoes is determined by the features of the workflow. A doctor in a hospital or clinic spends all day on his feet. Inconvenient clogs can significantly poison the existence on a high heel or in shoes made of non-breathing material, the legs become more tired. Specialized shoes for doctors are not luxury, but a necessity in order to preserve strength and health. It helps to reduce the load on the muscles of the legs and back, make the steps easy, and on duty less tiring.

How to choose medical shoes

Materials It is better to give preference to natural materials. Thanks to them, the correct air and heat transfer is maintained, the skin of the foot breathes. Because of the artificial materials on the legs, diaper rash can occur, high humidity provokes the development of fungal diseases, so you should give preference to natural skin, nubuck, suede or textiles.

The form

The choice of specialized shoes for the clinic’s nursing staff is usually limited to models with a wide round toe. He does not press on his fingers, does not provoke the appearance of corns. In such shoes it is convenient for a long time.


Prefer the soles of lightweight, flexible man-made materials. The most comfortable option is shoes without a heel, with a small rise (height up to 4 cm). The sole should be non-slip, preferably with antistatic properties.


Shoes for hospital staff should be chosen with an orthopedic insole or arch support. It will protect against flat feet and distribute the load when walking, so that the foot gets tired as little as possible.


Shoes for doctors are available in light shades: white, cream, beige, light gray. Firstly, it is better combined with light medical suits, and secondly, dirt is immediately visible on it, which means it is easier to maintain cleanliness.

The choice of women’s and men’s medical shoes is practically no different: they have the same requirements for comfort and materials. Indeed you can buy medical shoe covers online now.

What happens medical shoes

The choice of shoes for the hospital staff is huge, classic shoes, sneakers, clogs, soft loafers are easy to choose for a set of uniforms or a situation.

One of the most common types of shoes for doctors is clogs. Outwardly, they resemble slippers, but have a strap that securely fixes them on the foot and allows you to adjust the size. Clogs are made of leather, equipped with thick and soft polyurethane sole. They are very lightweight, made from materials that are easy to clean and disinfect.

  • Sneakers are a more affordable option for every day. They can be on shoelaces or lindens. They are made of perforated leather, suede, and dense textile.
  • Textile slippers are very soft, with a thin sole that provides maximum comfort. They pass air well, they can be washed and disinfected. Slips “Lechi Beautifully” are decorated with vivid drawings on a medical theme, you can find them in the catalog.
  • Shoes for doctors are sewn from leather and suede, usually perforated. For a more comfortable fit on the leg, they are decorated with textile rubber inserts. These options are suitable for formal occasions.


When choosing medical shoes, first of all you need to think about comfort and well-being. Fortunately, modern shoes for doctors are very diverse. To choose shoes that meet the requirements of hygiene, convenience, practicality, look in our catalog, which contains models for any occasion.