How You Can Choose the Best Gardening Solutions

Confined to your
home for several weeks, the sun is finally appearing. The devouring desire to
pamper your exteriors is quick, but you do not have the necessary equipment at
home. How to garden without leaving your home? Cooking water for weeding, or
coffee grounds to keep slugs away are natural solutions with recuperation. Here
are our 5 tips for gardening with the means at hand.

Does your garden require the care of a landscaper?

Since the start
of confinement, good weather has not always been there. You take care of
yourself in different ways by preparing your future projects, and by doing
small housework. The arrival of spring makes you want to enjoy your beautiful
garden. But before leaving the barbecue, the deckchairs and the garden
furniture, it is necessary to clean it and take care of your vegetable patch.
But as most garden centers are closed and you clearly do not have the right to
go there to buy gardening equipment, you will have to do with the means at hand.
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this is important.

Weed with cooking water or white vinegar

Do you often cook pasta and potatoes? Excellent. You will be able to use the cooking water to weed your lawn in a natural and ecological way. Indeed, the salt and starch of the potatoes contained in the water after cooking, can be used to remove weeds. And if you are used to cleaning your house with white vinegar, you can also use it. Fill an empty spray bottle with boiling cooking water or white vinegar, then sprinkle the weeds; they will be gone within a few days.

Make fertilizer with banana peels

If you plan to
go shopping, consider buying bananas. The skin will make an excellent
fertilizer for your vegetable patch and for your flower beds.

There are two ways to use them to make a natural

  • Liquid fertilizer: soak the
    banana peels in a large amount of water for several days. The water will be
    used to water your flowers and your vegetable patch for several weeks.
  • Solid fertilizer: cut the
    banana peels into small pieces. Bury them in the ground to provide nutrients to
    your flowers and vegetables.

Growing in recycled packaging

Do you want to
grow vegetables, aromatics and flowers on your balcony but don’t have planters
? Keep food containers and paper waste for sowing:

  • Plastic trays,
  • Cans,
  • Egg boxes,
  • Yogurt jars,
  • Bottles of milk or water,
  • Toilet paper rolls,
  • Newspaper,
  • Etc.

Proceed as follows:

  • Clean the containers,
  • Drill small holes,
  • Add potting soil,
  • Plant the seeds,
  • Water regularly, and voila.

Mulch the soil with newspaper and cardboard

Mulching the
soil has many advantages such as making the soil more fertile, preserving plant
health, keeping fruits and vegetables clean, etc. But if you don’t have a tree
in your garden or lawn, then you can’t use dead leaves or mowing the lawn to
mulch your plants and vegetable patch. But don’t panic, newspaper or boxes will

  • Water the soil abundantly,
  • Overlay the sheets of newspaper
    (or cardboard) one on top of the other,
  • Water abundantly so as to soak
    them well.

Push back the slugs with coffee grounds or chimney ash

Slugs and snails also await the arrival of fine
weather. Their objective? Devour your beautiful plantations. So to keep them
away without chemicals and harmful, use coffee grounds. Drop it around your
plantations to create barriers and a natural repellant. And if you have a
fireplace, the ashes will be just as effective.