How the Backlinks really Work Out in the Right Way

The backlinks profile corresponds to the set of different external links pointing to a website. This profile includes in particular information concerning the nature of the links (text, image), their content (anchor in particular) and their origin. The backlinks profile allows Google to assess the quality of these external links and to detect suspicious ones.

A clever dosage so as not to be penalized

External links are particularly important in the context of natural referencing of a website. The more backlinks the web page has, the better it will be referenced. However, these external links must be of high quality that is to say in a reasonable number and from authority sites in the same theme as the recipient site. The backlinks profile will therefore be composed of a summary of the various external links pointing to a given website. For example, if most of the links come from directories, comment areas or Do Follow areas, Google will deduce that these are potentially links generated artificially by the site to which they are directed. The backlinks profile also makes it possible to identify Black Hat techniques (unnatural links and seeking to manipulate Google).

Bet on natural links

To guarantee a quality backlink profile, which is not penalized by Google, you must not abuse the links placed in the comments in Do Follow. If you choose to list your site in directories, select them carefully. The quality of the content of your web pages is especially the most important point to encourage other sites to create “natural” links to your pages. For that you can buy backlinks   and make full use of the same.

Google’s algorithm takes into account the links made by external sites to your site (backlinks) to highlight your web pages in the results of its search engine. It is therefore important to know and “optimize” the links pointing to your site or your blog.

When it comes to SEO, content and page optimization are essential

However, if your content does not have external links that point to your site (Backlinks) or shares on Social Media, your pages will have difficulties to be well positioned.

Your efforts must therefore focus as much on obtaining these famous backlinks as on the creation and optimization of pages.

There are classic tips for getting backlinks: Create reference content, offer eBooks without downloading, publish studies and infographics, buy links.

Yet there are little known tips that can easily get backlinks.

Buy visibility for your press releases

The “SEO” press release sites that used to obtain links by copying / pasting their press releases have largely lost their interest in natural referencing. At the same time, with the proliferation of press releases, it becomes difficult to get a publication on a Blog, news sites. The solution is then to “buy” visibility, by offering these sites to publish the company’s content.