Finer Solutions for the Essential Instagram Views

Statistics are fundamental
data to know if your strategy on social networks is effective or if you need to
make changes.

What is engagement on Instagram?

When we talk about
engagement rate on Instagram, we are talking about the degree of “loyalty” of
your subscribers on this same social network.It is not the number of
subscribers you have on your profile, but the degree of involvement, interest
and interaction that your subscribers have with your photos, videos, stories or
other Instagram content.

If you are a social media manager, you may
well be familiar with the following situation:

Some social networks
offer their users analytical tools to measure the success of a given campaign.
On the other hand, it is not so easy to quantify the engagement rate on
Instagram. For increasing instagram views you need to know more about it.

How to measure your engagement rate on


This first point may
seem obvious, but observing the exponential growth of your subscribers on any
social network, as well as analyzing the frequency with which you get new
subscribers, is fundamental. Many social media and digital marketers are
convinced that if your number of followers does not grow on Instagram, your
account will not be relevant to users of this social network. Keep this in


It is very important
to observe the number of likes of a publication, as well as to compare it with
others with the number of subscribers of your account. A seemingly simple
equation like this is a great indicator of the growth and popularity of your

Comments received

Now that we’ve seen the most essential steps, let’s move on to something a little more complex. Analyzing the comments on each of your publications helps you measure the level of engagement of your subscribers.

The comments are the
ones that will give you the best indication of your engagement rate. It only
takes a second to “like”, but stopping to write a comment indicates greater
user involvement.

In order for the user
to bother to leave a comment, they must feel empathy or any emotion towards
your brand. In a clearer and simpler way: if the number of comments on your
account starts to increase, it means that you gain more and more users loyalty
to your brand.

Other factors that influence your engagement

Using popular hashtags
in your posts can boost your Instagram engagement rate and at the same time
make you reach more followers.

Analyzing the most
popular hashtags when you use them will help you make a list of the ones that
work best for you. On this social network, hashtags have the function of
keywords to optimize search engines.

Thus, and given that
Instagram is a platform that encourages the combined use of images and
hashtags, the user will be able to draw up a list of the most popular hashtags.

On the other hand, it
is practical to take this data into account when publishing new content. The
popularity of a particular publication also tells us what type of format
subscribers prefer.


A common mistake for many
social media users is to overlook the time when they post their content. Think
about it beforehand, what good is it to work on quality and interesting content
for your subscribers if you post it at a time when it will be practically
invisible to the