Choose the Finer Aspects of Elliptical Trainers for You Use

Depending on your objectives, the effectiveness of your exercise will also be linked to your pedaling amplitude, determined by the diameter of the flywheel. The larger the diameter is, the greater is the amplitude of your movements.

The type of resistance adjustment: mechanical or motorized?

The mechanical adjustment offers great simplicity by turning the dial, the user actuates a cable which brings a magnet closer to the flywheel, causing greater resistance, therefore more “difficulty” in pedaling.

The “motorized” setting allows you to adjust the pedaling difficulty directly from the bike console. The advantage of this system is twofold: the levels of difficulty are more numerous, and only this system makes it possible to have programs on the bicycle, “sporting routes” with automatic variations of difficulties for a varied effort. The programs meet different objectives (burn calories, prepare for exercise, etc.) Here you can go for the now.


The bikes are equipped with a console which provides you with basic information related to your practice: speed, distance traveled, practice time, average of calories burned.Concentrate on the measurement instruments and the various programs offered which allow you to assess performance and progression, the compatibilities offered (coaching or MP3). Depending on the model, the heart rate will also be present (to obtain the latter with maximum precision, favor the models supplied with a heart belt, such as the VE710). The quality and size of the display on the console must be correct, take into account the reading of the information (screen size, backlight).

The Comfort Of Practice

Remember to check the comfort elements of the exercise bike.

Maximum User Weight

Take a good look at the total weight in relation to the user’s weight. All Domyos products are designed for a maximum user weight of 130kg.


Remember to check that your bike is equipped with a stabilizer system allowing stable practice whatever the terrain of your soil.

Integration into housing

Moving system: at the end of your practice, your bike can be moved easily. Each model is fitted with casters for this purpose.

Which elliptical trainer to choose? Not easy to choose from all the models. Best brands, how to choose, the pitfalls to avoid. We answer all your questions with as always my comparison of the best ellipticals 2020.

It is one of the best-selling cardio equipment in recent years, and yet we do not know all the benefits of the elliptical trainer.Wesuggest you discover the advantages of this type of machine, my opinion and my advice to buy with full knowledge of the facts.

Before going into more detail on the benefits of the elliptical, here is the one we recommend to my customers. It is suitable for a man or for a woman. It is the best quality / price ratio we could find:

What is an elliptical trainer?

Contrary to what its name suggests, it has nothing to do with cycling, but its movements would be more like cross-country skiing. It is therefore more complete than the classic exercise bike since it allows you to work the whole body (around 80% of the muscles are used). Infact, an elliptical trainer combines the benefits of cross-country skiing and exercise biking.